MANE Webdocs User Manual

First Time Login

First time users of the new MANE documents website will retain the same user name and access to documents. However, it is required that a new password be assigned. To set your new password, go to From the login page, enter your username, consisting of the first initial of your first name, a period, followed by your last name (EX: Jane Smithe = j.smithe). Then, click the 'email password' button. You should receive an email within five minutes with a link. Once you visit the link, enter your desired password and you should automatically login.

Installing the PC Companion application

MANE Web Documents is based on the free, open source web application ownCloud. One key feature of owncloud is the ability to connect directly from your PC to view and edit files without logging in through a web browser. To download the desktop application, visit the Owncloud downloads page. Double click the downloaded .exe file and install as normal.

When you first open ownCloud it will ask you for a server address. Please enter: (note: make sure it is http, not https). Next enter your username and password.

Next, you will be asked which folders you would like to sync to your computer, and where you would like them to reside on your PC. It is recomended that you sync all folders if you have the space on your hard drive. Please not that the intitial sync may take a long time depending on your internet connection speed.

The PC Companion app is primarily recommended for users who frequently edit files. If you use MANE Web Documents to mostly view and download files, using the web browser login is recommended.

Android and iOS apps

Mobile apps for tablet and smartphone are available on the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. Applications cost $.99 and are not reimbursable by MANE. To connect, provide the app the server location:, then type your user name and password. Please note that edits made to documents may take a few minutes to sync. Please take care when using mobile networks to note the amount of mobile data you are using. MANE is not responsible for any charges due to mobile networks usage

Documents can be edited using Apple apps, Microsoft Office mobile apps, and Google Drive's suite of editing apps, then saved to sync back to the MANE servers.

Quick Feature Guide

  • Favorites click the star icon to the left of any file or folder to put it in your favorites. You can see all your favorites by clicking on the favorites tab on the file list on the left hand side of the screen
  • Sharing Share any document or folder you have control over. Click the share icon (two chain links). From there you can type the user name of another user in MANE Webdocs, or click the 'Share link' option to get a URL for the file. You can share this link with anyone without giving them access to MANE Webdocs. If you have security concerns about the document, you can also set an expiration date and password.
  • Search Bar Using the search bar is effective and easy. Looking for a powerpoint? Just type '.ppt' to view every uploaded presentation file you have access to. Looking for a folder? Type its name, click, then add to favorites and never lose track again.
  • File Versions Place your cursor over any file, then click 'versions' to see if the file has been edited recently. Don't want the new one? click restore to replace it with an older version.
  • Personal Folder Want a small storage space just for you? Make sure you are outside of a shared folder (click All Files to make sure) then click 'New' and select folder. Any documents you upload inside this folder are only seen by you. Want to collaborate with just a few colleagues? Place your cursor over the folder or documents, click share, then start typing usernames. Please note that your files are NOT encrypted, and that MANE administrators have access to, and the right to delete, your uploaded files. Please avoid uploading non MANE-related data.
  • Instant Password Reset Forgot your password? From the MANE Webdocs login screen, type your username, then click 'email password'. You should receive a link to enter in a new password within a couple of minutes
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