Guiding Principles and Transformative Strategy

In response to the evidence and with a commitment to excellence and innovation, an alliance has been created, the Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE), among interested educational programs and practice partners to transform the educational process and expand the capacity for baccalaureate prepared nurses in Minnesota. The alliance collaboratively designed a competency based integrated curriculum culminating in a bachelor’s degree. The following guiding principles are adopted by MANE, as a transformative strategy, from the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE). The principles identified as primary to the alliance include inclusiveness, beneficence, collegiality, courage/perseverance, healthy conflict and shared leadership for transformation.

  1. Inclusiveness
    • Founding principle
    • Creates climate for rich feedback
    • Honor all contributions; avoid selfish and self serving behavior
    • Search out, seek, solicit and listen
    • Value different perspectives and incorporate new ideas
    • Receptive to doubting process; respond to criticism knowing that anger/discomfort are part of transformation
  2. Beneficence
    • Goal is to serve the greatest good for the greatest number
    • Benefits of open sharing of resources/best practices
  3. Collegiality
    • Mutual respect
    • Openness to problem solving and in dealing with conflict/disagreement
    • Trust and compassion
    • Integrity—being accountable; working through issues, problem solving, honesty, truthfulness, honoring diverse opinions
    • Playfulness and humor create a productive environment
  4. Courage/Perseverance
    • Be proactive for the profession
    • Shared commitment for nursing as a profession and for nursing education
    • Creating a legacy; taking pride in the opportunity to contribute
    • Listen to those who question the work; seek understanding; incorporate change as needed
    • Shared vision must be dynamic to support/maintain the collective courage needed to face future challenges
  5. Healthy Conflict
    • Necessary to maintain shared commitment to common visions and goals
    • Conflict cannot be ignore; to do so diminishes the whole group
    • Work to agreeable outcomes by managing conflict during debate
    • Challenge yourself to deal with conflict in a direct and timely manner; move on without residual negative reactions
  6. Shared Leadership for Transformation
    • Starts with the development of a vision
    • Find opportunities to share our vision with others
    • Transformational leadership creates and sustains trust; committed to personal and organizational integrity as a critical value
    • Have tolerance for ambiguity
    • Rotating responsibilities that reflect each person using their personal areas of expertise
    • Embrace sharing the leadership role; recognize each other’s leadership
    • Be visible and courageous
    • Success comes through deep and sustained commitment

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