MANE Membership Information Fact Sheet

The Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE) welcomes interested academic programs and is committed to collaborating with nursing programs planning to adopt the MANE curriculum.

Adoption of the MANE curriculum is significant commitment requiring support from campus administrators, faculty peers in multiple disciplines and student support services staff. Key elements of success are advance planning and early involvement of campus community. Implementation planning and activities will minimally require a calendar year prior to the proposed start date.

Programs adopting the MANE curriculum will be asked to adhere to the following requirements.

Interested programs will:

  • Notify the MANE Steering Committee of their desire to adopt the curriculum during the spring semester a calendar year prior to the year they plan to implement. For example, a program intending to offer the pre-requisites fall of 2015 and begin MANE nursing courses the fall of 2016 would notify the steering committee spring of 2014
  • Develop a detailed transition plan
  • Provide updates to Steering Committee on progress towards adoption and possible barriers
  • Follow collaboratively developed admission requirements and procedures
  • Adopt the MANE Curriculum
    • Each Collaborating College and Collaborating University agrees to use the MANE curriculum for delivery of its respective nursing program.
    • Each Collaborating College shall award the Associate in Science Degree in Nursing and each Collaborating University shall award the Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in nursing on their respective campuses.
    • Each Collaborating University shall provide the MANE Curriculum through:
      • A dual admission program delivered jointly with a Collaborating College, physically located at the Collaborating College unless otherwise agreed; and
      • Admission of students to the Collaborating University’s eight semester MANE Program Plan without admission to a Collaborating College.
      • Each of the MANE Schools commits to promoting completion of the MANE BSN program by all program enrollees.
  • Actively participate on MANE committees:
    • Steering Committee comprised of Directors of Nursing programs
    • Systems Committee comprised of Academic Deans of member institutions
    • Curriculum Committee comprised of nursing faculty from all member institutions
    • Faculty Development Committee comprised of nursing faculty from all member institutions
    • Research, Evaluation and Assessment Committee comprised of members from the Steering Committee and representation from college and/or university Institutional Research departments, with additional membership identified as needed.

To assist in the successful implementation of the MANE curriculum, upon signing of the MANE Membership Inter-agency Agreement, academic programs committed to adoption of the MANE curriculum will be provided with the following:

  • Common course outlines for nursing courses included in the MANE curriculum
  • Curriculum with pre-requisites and required courses and electives
  • MANE developed application, admission and progression policies
  • A contact at a like program which has adopted the curriculum
  • Opportunities for representation on MANE committees
  • Support for creating a timeline for adoption of the MANE curriculum
  • Resources supporting adoption of the MANE curriculum with rationale for adoption
  • Support in nursing accreditation substantive change reporting

To begin the process of adoption of the MANE curriculum please contact Faye Uppman, MANE Project Director, School of Nursing, Metropolitan State University: or 651-793-1380.

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