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MANE: An Alliance of Eight Minnesota Colleges and Universities

The mission of the Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education is to increase baccalaureate prepared nurses through collaborative, transformative educational strategies. This mission is carried out through an alliance of 8 colleges and universities, leading to increased geographical and economic access to the education our future nursing workforce needs.

Member Institutions
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Committee Structure

Committee Membership Role and Function
Steering Committee -MANE Project Director and Committee Chair
-Directors of each member college/university nursing program
-Practice Partner Representatives
-Minnesota Board of Nursing Representatives
-Oversees all MANE initiatives
-Serves as the final approval body for MANE processes
-Determines MANE policies and procedures
Systems Committee -MANE Project Director and Committee Chair
-Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) systems office leadership
-Deans of Academic Affairs or Schools of Nursing for each member college/university
-Practice Partner Representative/s
-Minnesota Board of Nursing Representative
-Addresses the needs of MANE to support processes and smooth function between member institutions at a systems level.
-Forwards completed projects/agreements/processes to the Steering Committee for final approval.
Curriculum Committee -Mane Project Director
-Three Co-chairs comprised of a community college faculty member, a university faculty member and a practice member
-Minimum of two additional faculty from each member college/university
-Minnesota Board of Nursing Representative
-Collaboratively develops the MANE Program Plan, Conceptual Framework, and Course Outlines.
-Ensures alignment of Program Student Learning Outcomes with national standards.
-Benchmarks outcomes with performance standards.
-Forwards completed curriculum to the Steering Committee for final approval.
Faculty Development Committee -Membership is a member of the steering committee along with one to two faculty representatives from each MANE campus . -Assist in the identification of learning needs and desired learning methodologies related to faculty development.
-Plan and implement educational offerings for faculty  interested in learning about MANE.
-Review evaluation data on faculty development educational activities.
-Promote and share best practices for teaching pedagogies and methodologies with full partner schools.
-Coordinate the faculty development related content of the MANE website.
Research, Evaluation and Assessment Committee -Mane Project Director
-Two Co-chairs comprised of a community college and university director or faculty member
-An institutional research representative from one of the member nursing programs institutions
-A representative from the Curriculum Committee, Faculty Development Committee and System’s Committee
-Ad Hoc members added as needed
-Develop and operationalize infrastructure for aggregate data collection, analysis and evaluation of program and student learning outcomes
-Support process for dissemination of data collected to MANE committees and faculty for analysis
-Ensure process to determine reliability and validity of evaluation rubrics; collect data and aggregate for analysis of aggregate student learning outcomes
-Facilitate internal and external reporting related to program and student learning outcomes
-Oversee research and publication related to MANE with Steering Committee approval
Diversity Committee Membership may include:
-Administrative, faculty and staff members of the Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education
-MANE students
-Community members/partners
-Professional nursing organizations representing diversity
-Identify, develop and implement processes that support the recruitment, retention and graduation of racially diverse students at the baccalaureate level of nursing practice
-Increase the diversity of registered nurses in Minnesota
Clinical Advisory Board -Co-chaired by a representative from MANE and a practice partner
-Fluid membership from a variety of care environments
-Representatives from organizations which promote the role of nursing in healthcare across the care continuum Regulation
-Collaborate to promote the agility of the curriculum to support the dynamic health care environment
-Promote creative clinical learning opportunities
-Develop processes and resources for disseminating information about MANE clinical learning to clinical sites
-Develop the clinical component of the MANE online resources
Admission/Advisory Board -Campus advisors
-Campus specific individuals responsible for MANE application and admission
-Registrars and transcript specialists
-MANE program Deans/directors
-MANE project director
-Collaborate within and between campuses to implement the MANE policies and procedures regarding application and admission
-Support dissemination of information to students
-Provides data related to application and admission to the MANE REA committee