Faculty Resources

Committee Structure

Committee Membership Role and Function
Steering Committee -MANE Project Director and Committee Chair
-Directors of each member college/university nursing program
-Practice Partner Representatives
-Minnesota Board of Nursing Representatives
-Oversees all MANE initiatives
-Serves as the final approval body for MANE processes
-Determines MANE policies and procedures
Systems Committee -MANE Project Director and Committee Chair
-Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) systems office leadership
-Deans of Academic Affairs or Schools of Nursing for each member college/university
-Practice Partner Representative/s
-Minnesota Board of Nursing Representative
-Addresses the needs of MANE to support processes and smooth function between member institutions at a systems level.
-Forwards completed projects/agreements/processes to the Steering Committee for final approval.
Curriculum Committee -Mane Project Director
-Three Co-chairs comprised of a community college faculty member, a university faculty member and a practice member
-Minimum of two additional faculty from each member college/university
-Minnesota Board of Nursing Representative
-Collaboratively develops the MANE Program Plan, Conceptual Framework, and Course Outlines.
-Ensures alignment of Program Student Learning Outcomes with national standards.
-Benchmarks outcomes with performance standards.
-Forwards completed curriculum to the Steering Committee for final approval.
Faculty Development Committee -Membership is a member of the steering committee along with one to two faculty representatives from each MANE campus . -Assist in the identification of learning needs and desired learning methodologies related to faculty development.
-Plan and implement educational offerings for faculty  interested in learning about MANE.
-Review evaluation data on faculty development educational activities.
-Promote and share best practices for teaching pedagogies and methodologies with full partner schools.
-Coordinate the faculty development related content of the MANE website.
Research, Evaluation and Assessment Committee -Mane Project Director
-Two Co-chairs comprised of a community college and university director or faculty member
-An institutional research representative from one of the member nursing programs institutions
-A representative from the Curriculum Committee, Faculty Development Committee and System’s Committee
-Ad Hoc members added as needed
-Develop and operationalize infrastructure for aggregate data collection, analysis and evaluation of program and student learning outcomes
-Support process for dissemination of data collected to MANE committees and faculty for analysis
-Ensure process to determine reliability and validity of evaluation rubrics; collect data and aggregate for analysis of aggregate student learning outcomes
-Facilitate internal and external reporting related to program and student learning outcomes
-Oversee research and publication related to MANE with Steering Committee approval
Diversity Committee Membership may include:
-Administrative, faculty and staff members of the Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education
-MANE students
-Community members/partners
-Professional nursing organizations representing diversity
-Identify, develop and implement processes that support the recruitment, retention and graduation of racially diverse students at the baccalaureate level of nursing practice
-Increase the diversity of registered nurses in Minnesota
Clinical Advisory Board -Co-chaired by a representative from MANE and a practice partner
-Fluid membership from a variety of care environments
-Representatives from organizations which promote the role of nursing in healthcare across the care continuum
-Collaborate to promote the agility of the curriculum to support the dynamic health care environment
-Promote creative clinical learning opportunities
-Develop processes and resources for disseminating information about MANE
clinical learning to clinical sites
-Develop the clinical component of the MANE online resources
Admission/Advisory Board -Campus advisors
-Campus specific individuals responsible for MANE application and admission
-Registrars and transcript specialists
-MANE program Deans/directors
-MANE project director
-Collaborate within and between campuses to implement the MANE policies and procedures regarding application and admission
-Support dissemination of information to students
-Provides data related to application and admission to the MANE REA committee

MANE Web Files

The MANE Web Files site is a member only resource for MANE faculty and committee members to download and share files. Need to sign up? Request access here. Need help? email Bill Dalbotten for support.