MANE Nursing Program Application - Fall 2021

*Applicants may use this single MANE application form to apply to multiple campuses that offer the MANE Nursing Program: Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Century Community College, Inver Hill Community College, Normandale Community College, North Hennepin Community College, and Ridgewater Community College. Please submit only one application form by the February 1, 2021 deadline.

Admission criteria for the Fall 2021 MANE admission cycle remains based solely on combined GPA and TEAS scores. MANE Holistic Admissions will be implemented with the Spring 2022 admission cycle. We would greatly value responses to the Experience and Attributes holistic review questions on this application, but completion of these sections are optional for this Fall 2021 admission cycle.

If you are ready to begin you MANE Central Online Application for one of the following institutions (Anoka-Ramsey, Century, Inver Hills, Normandale, North Hennepin, and Ridgewater) Please use this link: MANE Nursing Application – Fall 2021

*Information about the MANE program offered at MANE university partners are available on respective websites below:

About the Program

MANE is your pathway to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree.

The Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE) is an alliance of Minnesota nursing programs, comprised of eight community colleges and two university member institutions, dedicated to improving the educational preparation of nurses. This curriculum culminates in attainment of a baccalaureate degree in nursing. This program is intended for individuals wishing to attain a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree who are not currently registered nurses. You may begin to earn your B.S.N. degree at any of the 8 MANE campuses

This is a dual admission program. Upon acceptance to one of our community colleges, you are also dually admitted to Metropolitan State University.

  • The MANE BSN program plan is a four year, eight semesters (not including summers), 120 credit concept-based baccalaureate curriculum.
  • The MANE curriculum is based on a set of core competencies and The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice (AACN, 2008).
  • You may apply to any of the MANE member nursing programs. When accepted to the nursing program at one of the community college campuses, you are automatically admitted into the university partner as well.
  • Upon successful completion of the 5th semester benchmark, you are awarded an Associate of Science degree. You will have completed 75 credits of your 120 credits to receive your BSN Degree. You may progress to your Upper Division Courses with only 45 credits remaining to your BSN Degree.
  • You may complete the NCLEX at the 5th semester benchmark or 8th semester benchmark. Dependent on entry at Community College (5th semester benchmark) or University (8th semester benchmark).

The MANE BSN program has collaboratively developed prerequisites, admission processes, grading scales, and a Program Plan to assure progression across all collaborating colleges and universities.

Application Criteria

You must be currently enrolled in a MANE school: General admission to a MANE collaborating college or university is required prior to application to the MANE nursing program

Transcripts: Submission of official transcripts from all institutions attended to the college or university to which the student has submitted a MANE application. All transcripts are required for completion of dual admission processes. MANE campuses have access to transcripts from Minnesota State (formerly MnSCU) institutions. Unless previously submitted, OFFICIAL transcripts from all other institutions must be sent to Registrars at each MANE college campus the student would like to have their nursing application considered.


A GPA of at least 2.75: A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 based solely on the first semester of the MANE curriculum plan as required by each program, regardless of number of credits. A course with a grade with a C- or lower will not be considered eligible for a MANE application.

You must earn a ‘C’ or better: Each course of the MANE curriculum plan must have been achieved with a letter grade of C or better.

Complete the second semester: Full acceptance to the MANE collaborating college and university is dependent on successful completion of the second semester of the MANE curriculum plan, maintaining a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75, including criteria from above.

Take the TEAS tests: All applicants are required to complete the most current Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), standardized Test of Essential Academic Skills prior to application deadlines. The best score achieved may be used.

MANE Holistic Admissions EAM Graphic

MANE Definitions Supplement Sheet

For more information, please contact the MANE partner institution advisor for further guidance.

Application Deadlines

For MANE Institutions that admit twice a year, application deadlines are as follows:

February 1st for admission to the Fall Semester.

June 1st for admission to the Spring Semester.